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Demo Harmony: Introduction


Harmony is the area within music theory that specifically covers intervals, chords and scales.

Harmony is divided into 8 levels. On completion of level 8, the theoretical knowledge gained will be sufficient to sit for music conservatorium entrance exams.

In this demo version the following chapters can be viewed:

Level 1

Level 3


Theoretical music knowledge should be directed towards its practical application, towards the ability to hear that knowledge put into practice. Ear training can enhance the lesson plan, hence the inclusion of ear training exercises here. The harmony lesson plan links up with the ear training lesson plan. Click on this button to navigate from Harmony to Ear Training:

Ear Training chapter


The lesson plan makes extensive use of text, images, audio and video clips.


notenvoorbeeldClick on the icon for more image explanation.


notenvoorbeeldClick on the icon for more piano keyboard explanation.


filmpjeClick on the icon for more video explanation.


Click on the underlined text 01 Music Theory and Note Reading - for a (note) example.


The exercises

It is important not only to understand the theory but to practise it. The theory can only be properly understood and applied by constant practise. It is important to practise these exercises – and often. Click on this button for an exercise:

Harmony exercise

An overview of all the exercises can be found in the Exercises menu. You can navigate further by using the Harmony exercises menu that will then appear on the left side of the screen.

Tip: use an instrument as often as possible when practising an exercise.